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Ticklish feet?
Are the soles of your feet very ticklish? My feet are extemely ticklish! Anyone else have extremely ticklish feet? And if so, how much tickling can you take?
My soles are brutally ticklish, but then so are the sides and tops, around the ankle joint, heels, between the toes...you get the picture. The whole foot is fair game. As far as how much tickling I can take, I can't stand it for more than a second or two if I'm not tied up.

If I'm restrained, well...the amount of tickling I have to endure is up to the tickler. I'm just along for the ride.
Ticklish feet?
i have teally ticklish feet so who has ticklish feet or where are u ticklish
My feet, neck, and sides are very ticklish and my boyfriend always hold me down and tickles me until i can't stand it anymore.
Ticklish Feet........?
Rubbing lotion on my feet after every shower makes them very soft, will this make them even more ticklish?
Softer feet certainly can be more ticklish, although not necessarily so with everyone. Certainly it's a common experience to enocunter people whose feet are considerably more ticklish when freshly out of their footwear than after having been uncovered for some time. I had one friend whose feet were only ticklish for about five minutes after his shoes came off.
What biological sense is there for having ticklish feet?
I can understand the ribs, stomach and armpits - as these are where vital internal organs are located - but is there any sense for our feet to be ticklish? Especially in an age where man has been accustomed to wearing footwear?
i guess there is no good reason for feet to be ticklish i guess because of the nerves good question!
Can i still enjoy a foot massage with ticklish feet?
My friend is always fooling around with me and we occaisionaly exchange foot massages. Whenever she touches my feet I start laughing cuz Im so ticklish! Any suggestions?
This situation seems to have several possible causes. The first is that you are just unused to having your feet handled in a neutral fashion, which might be remedied by your having a professional massage. After all, true masseurs massage people every day without there being continual gales of laughter emanating from their locations. Similarly, your friend might simply need a few lessons in giving a massage to be able to do so without tickling.

There is a chance, though, that it is not so much either you or your friend as it is the situation and your friendship. Especially if this friend has tickled your feet fairly often in the past, you might react to a massage from that friend as if you were expecting a tickle and that might make it tickle. I seem to recall reading about a study once in which subjects were told they either that they were going to be massaged or that they would be tickled. Although they all had exactly the same things done to them (or as exactly as possible), people who were told they were going to be tickled reported the experience tickling much more than those told they would be massaged.

That can work on either side, though. I had some friends I used to challenge to see how long they could massage my feet without it turning into a foot tickling. It never stayed a massage for five minutes, and usually didn't last two.

It might be very difficult, I'd imagine, for your friend to be able to resist such a golden opportunity. Knowing how extremely ticklish a friend's feet were that one held, it would be difficult to confine oneself to massage without thinking about how easily just the slightest variation in touch could give the friend in question the urge to giggle and then an irresistible impulse to start laughing and soon drive the lucky soul into uncontrollable hysterics, it seems to me that one might have to be very professional indeed to keep the experience as a mere massage.
How many guys out there have extremely ticklish feet?
My feet are so soft and ticklish. My girlfriend tortures me by tickling them every time I am barefoot. Do any of you guys go through this?
Yes, my feet are quite ticklish. I have a friend whom I get together with every now and then for ticking sessions. Typically I am the one doing the tickling. Her feet are a favorite target of mine as they are very pretty and highly sensitive. However, from time to time I allow her to tickle me. She too goes straight for my feet as they are my most ticklish spot. It is certainly "torture". But it's also most enjoyable. I love it. You're very lucky to have a girlfriend who routinely tickles your soft soles. I say be thankful for her tickling. In fact have her tickle you silly tonight. Who knows, you may learn to love it.
Why do so many young girls have very ticklish feet?
It seens that i run into so many girls that have very ticklish feet, I like tickling them, some like it, some hate it, but they all seem to go wild with laughter., kicking and crying. Do you have very ticklish feet and do you love it or not?
Yes, I always have. I hate to be tickled, it's a form of torture to me.
Do animals get ticklish feet like we do?
Completely random question here, but are animals capable of having ticklish feet like humans can?
I don't know if it's being ticklish or hating having his feet touched. But my dog goes nuts if I tickle his feet.
My feet are so horribly ticklish that even I can barely touch them! Is this normal? ?
If my foot itches I can't scratch it because it tickles too much. If someone else touches my feet it tickles so bad that it actually hurts! I just don't see how this can be normal. I know alot of other people who have ticklish feet but they are nowhere near as ticklish as mine are.
Don't worry. It's TOTALLY normal. My feet are exactly the same and I LOVE it. My feet are most ticklish when they're warm, especially soon after taking my shoes or slippers off or even worse, just getting out of a nice, warm bath or shower.

Sometimes, I enjoy giving my feet a nice, soothing footbath with special salts designed for footbaths. I also enjoy giving my feet a nice rub with foot scrub and after drying them, giving them a good moisturising. Every time I'm giving my feet some pampering, I SWEAR to you, I'm laughing and giggling almost none-stop. My feet are so incredibly ticklish (especially when warm), that I can ACTUALLY tickle myself! It's even more difficult to wash and scrub them with my long fingernails. THEY TICKLE EVEN MORE!

IT'S SO MUCH FUN. Sometimes, my good friend, who is a qualifed massuese also teases me when massaging my feet and I swear she tickles them on purpose. She laughs and says it's an accident, but she does it all the time. Also, I enjoy having my tummy massaged and I'm EXTREMELY ticklish on my tummy too. Again, she tickles on purpose, LOL!

But, I digress. Please, don't worry. Sometimes, I struggle to scratch my foot if it's itchy too, because it genuinely tickles so much. Be happy about it. IT'S SO MUCH FUN!
Does anyone think Jedward have ticklish feet?
Always wondered if their feet are ticklish.
Well, Andy Murray likes them, and for some reason the Irish tend to have unusually ticklish feet (Westlife's foot tickling exploits were legendary), which would tend to suggest that they do.

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