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Where can I find Teen Titans clips to make them into a video on Windows Movie Maker?
Okay, so I've been thinking about making a little "show" about the Teen Titans.......hehe........and I do have Windows Movie Maker, but I can't seem to find any places that will give me Teen Titans clips to put into moviemaker. Any advice or know of a place where I can get them (besides buying the shows)?
you can you use keepvid.com to convert it . for any more questions feel free to e-mail me.
What is a movie where a teen girl is in a coma and her boyfriend comes to see her?
i am doing a school project for if is stay by gayle forman and i need movie clips that would go along with the book. please help!
Is it necessary for the girl to be in coma? Because in A Walk To Remember, Shane West visits Mandy Moore in the hospital. I'm fairly certain she's asleep, so you could always say she's in coma.

Like in this clip, from 8:20 minutes, it shows him watching over her while she's sleeping.
What are some movies that have teen parties in them?
I'm doing a project on Teen Partying and I need some movie clips on age teens at parties. The most recent movies and the most well-known movies would be better, but I'm really looking for anything. Thanks!
1. Ferris Bueller's Day Off - there is a clip towards the end where there is a street carnival and Ferris is singing a Beatles song. That's not the sort of party you mean but if you see the movie, you'll appreciate that it is a party. One hell of a party.

And even if you don't know the movie well, your teachers will - it is from their teen years (if they were teens in the 80s).

2. Skins series 1 (a British TV programme). It's not a film though - does that matter?
Where can i watch the teen witch movie for free?
Please, can anyone possibly help me locate a place online where i can watch the Teen witch movie, preferably the original version, but the new version is fine too.I've been looking all over and haven't been able to find a place to watch it for free, i only find clips.Any links or websites would be greatly appreciated and thank you for your time.

This is the movie in full. Only thing is since it's free the site only allows 72 mins to watch things (then you have to wait 54 mins to continue watching), but if you are like me and sooo wanted to see this movie for the longest (for free! lol), it's worth it. Enjoy! =)
Where can i find the1989 movie teen witch on the internet?
i have tried youtube but they have 2 second long clips, i want the whole movie or maybe parts of it.
I searched on flixplore.com, here's the best links:
What are great movie clips for self awareness?
like teen flicks. mostly teenager movies thinggy. anyway you know what i mean. thanks;))
Fast Times at Ridgemont High
The Hot Chick
Mean Girls
Dirty Love
Pretty in Pink
Sixteen Candles
Never Been Kissed
Legally Blonde
Valley Girl
I need a clip from a movie about parent-teen conflict! Help!?
I need a clip from a well known movie about parent-teen conflict for a presentation, preferably an argument or fight between mother and daughter. Does anyone know of a movie I could use? Thanks!
Anywhere but here
What movie depicts teen violence?
I need to find a clip from a movie that depicts teen violence or "acting out" either in a school or home setting. Or a guy with ADHD.
The most violent and disturbing teen movie for sure, is "Bully". It stars Brad Renfro and Nick Stahl as longtime best friends. It is a true story. Nick Stahl portrays Bobbie Kent, who was a guy who terrorized Brad Renfro, who plays Bobbie's real life best friend, Marty Puccio. Bobbie was so abusive and violent to Marty and his girlfriend and her friend that a group of them, decide to kill Bobbie. They do kill him. The killing is so graphic and violent, it is hard to watch. In real life, these events happened in like 1993, but in the movie, it's like present day. Marty and 2 of the other guys who helped kill Bobby are still in prison.
Does anybody know where I can find music from the Teen Witch movie that they don't have on the soundtrack?
It's the music where Louise is with Brad and they go in that abandonned house. I'll take a clip of the movie too
Here you go: www.teenwitchthemusical.com/media…
That song is eather Dream Lover or I keep on Falling. I can't remember witch.

By the way, I wouldn't go to the link above me because Mcafee Site Advisor says that isn't a safe site.
Looking for the title to a teen movie, similar to Eurotrip or American Pie?
Hi, I saw a clip of a movie similar to Eurotrip or some other teen sex comedy and I don't know what the name of the movie is. In the clip, a hot blonde with natural boobs is on top of some guy and going at it pretty hard. He finishes quick so she gets all mad and jumps off and storms out. When she leaves, I think you can see that they were in a massage tent on a public beach or near a swimming pool or something. I can't find the clip anymore and I'm looking for the movie. BIG props to anyone who can answer this...
That's from "Final Destination 4" aka "The Final Destination in 3-D"; it's horror not a "party movie"; the tent is next to a pool.

I can't post the link to the clip here since it's topless (Yahoo's rules) but try Googling: "Gabrielle Chapin Topless riding a guy in The final Destination" or just watch the movie.

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