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Would you donate a pair of panties for a college apartment christmas tree?
We want to hang panties in the shape of a xmas tree or whatever other design for other holidays on the wall as decoration.
I think it's funny, and YES!
Where can I find sexy panties with college logos on them?
I have looked every where online and no luck. any suggestions?
Bring to shop and silkscreen it, that's the easy and cheapest way.
Where can I find womens panties/thongs/boyshorts with college logos on them?
I know wrong area but no onw is answering in the other areas, i guess cuz this is more popular than fashion. so please help. i cant find femal underwear with college logos on them at any website.
Victoria Secret!!…

If they don't have your college, they might soon... they keep adding on to the college list.

Hope I could help and good luck findng them! :]
My ex-gf goes to college wearing yoga tights with no panties on underneath. Good look?
She's in her last quarter completing her bachelor's in psychology.
are they see through? because if they are thats gross. But if they are just tight, but you cant see through them, thats cute. I do the same thing. You have to have a butt to pull it off tho.
Does a girl... college aged.... purposely have her panties or thong?
hanging out..

im a guy and we all casually notice

it seems most of them keep it covered or only barely have it show but not on purpose...

but some of them have it raised up... panties or thong... and they dont seem to care... and their friends (girls) wont say anything and likely they do the same thing...

Do they want guys to notice?
Girls Lesson 101: Rule #1 Girls do everything on purpose. Their are no accidents, especially when it comes to their appearance. Rule #2 Holidays are an excuse for girls to dress like whores. So remember your camera.
I am 18 year girl i am studying in college. i don't like wear the panties?
I am 18 year girl i don't like wear the panties.But i wear only my periods time an 4 days only.i did not wear my panties this good or bad. please give any ideas me. But i don't like wear panties..........
isnt arun a boys name? lol, grow some balls.
Girls have you ever let you brother see you in your panties?
Hi im a 22 year old male and my 19 year old sister in my roomate cause we go to the same out of state college. She always dresses super skimpy around the house, like tiny shorts and sometimes just her panties. Usually they are boy shorts but they have been thongs too. HAve you or would you ever dress like that infront of your brother or is it weird? I have not confronted her about it because she seems to enjoy it
Yeeh i do. there family so i couldnt and they couldnt care less... i would walk around in a thong but normal undies and a singlet is normal. whats the difference between a bikini and that? its all good. shes normal :)

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