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Famous black rock musician caught in scandal?
I was watching 100 most shocking music moments on VH1... anyways, I saw this famous black rock musician who was caught installing cameras in public toilets to watch women pee. Well when they showed him he was playing this really great song and his was kind of squatting and jumping while playing the guitar. Any idea who it is?
chuck berry
Black Powder NOS for woman?
I am a 19 year old female who is serious about working out. I'm about 5'3" and 120 lbs.I recently purchased wheybolic for protein after my workouts as well as black powder nos to get me amped pre work out. I don't take the full serving (1 cup) but take maybe about 2/3 cup with my water. However, someone told me yesterday that it is doing nothing for me and because I'm a woman I can't break down some of the stuff that's in it so I just end up peeing it out and getting nothing out of it for my workout. I'm not sure if I've noticed too much of a difference after taking it because I'm afraid maybe its just a placebo affect. Is this true that some pre workout supplements don't work for woman? Thanks!
Black Powder is basically Arginine, Creatine, and Caffeine, all of which affect women just as it does men. You might notice yourself peeing a bit more - I do when I take creatine, because I drink more water.
As a side note, I was pretty impressed when I had Black Powder. One of the better pre-workouts I've tried (and I've tried a lot).
Why don't Black women and indian men just hook up with one another?
We all know Indian men have trouble due to their tiny pee part. And black women are also single. Why not just date each other? In American standards here, we are not in Africa or India
Ugh because they don't want to. This is truly a waste of points, but hey it's your points.
Why are hardcore dog owners so oblivious to health standards and cleanliness?
It seems that either the bigger the quantity (5 or more) or size/breed of dogs you own (Doberman, Pit Bull, Mastiff, etc) makes you more and more indifferent to the copius amounts of dog shizz and the revolting godawful smell it makes in your house and yard. I had a former next door neighbor, who once invited me (VERY briefly) over and remarked almost gleefully how the apt. maintenance guys have had to replace 4 sets of carpets in her apartment to date from her rottweiler and black Lab peeing and crapping across almost every square inch of it. Then my buddy and I whom I work with on the side after my day job for extra money lined up a contract to cut down dead tree out of a woman's backyard, only thing was she ran a business from home rescuing Doberman's and Rottweilers and so she probably had 12-15 of those dogs in her house and her whole backyard where we had to work was saturated with XL-sized dog shiz kucks. How come when you own many dogs or big ones, dog shiz is no big deal?
I have always had multiple dogs (plus a cat, plus a parrot) but I promise you my house is clean and doesn't stink, neither is my yard like walking through a mine field. But I do understand what you mean. I used to be a painter and paperhanger and I did a lot of work on the side. I once went to a lady's home to give an estimate on work and her house had an unbelievable amount of dogs in it. There was poop all over, the house reeked and I didn't do the work..I could barely breathe and wouldn't even sit down.

But I think it's a matter of personal cleanliness. People who value a clean home will have a clean home no matter the circumstances, and others are slobs. It's just that when you're a slob and have animals you have added to the general unhealthy atmosphere. Like adding oil to the fire...

Yes it is unhealthy but think about it for a minute. If living in a house that's a pig sty isn't a problem for them, why would they think it's a problem for the animals? BUT that isn't the case for everyone. Some people like living in a clean house and it doesn't matter how many animals they have. And YES it's definitely more healthy for the animals, not to mention the humans.
Why do women talk on the phone while using the bathroom?
I don't mean to sound prejudiced, but this just grosses me out. I've mostly seen/heard black women doing it, but also hispanic and other ethnic groups. I would hang up on someone if I could hear them peeing in the background while talking to me; it would make me sick.
Maybe caucasian women do it too, but I haven't seen/heard them....
Btw, this is all in public restrooms, like restuarants or grocery stores.
Because we CAN. Women dont' make NEARLY as big a deal about going to the bathroom as men do (something about not needing to show off a penis, no doubt). We hear each other pee all the time, and while peeing during a phone conversation isn't my first choice from the standpoint of courtesy, if you gotta go, you gotta go - so why let your eyeballs float or interrupt your conversation if there's a bathroom handy???

As for sounding prejudiced - too late - you already do.
Is islam an attempt to jeopardize all our western achievements?
votes for women.
gay rights.
black people rights.
women rights.
education advances.
men peeing standing.
toilet paper.
politics beeing separated from religion.
free speech

all these achievements we spent centuries to get would all be thrown out if Eurabia comes into existence and islam takes over our western culture.
they are silently advancing in our society, the quran states they have to fight against the infidels (us) and take the islam teachings to all the world.
are we risking losing our culture?
This is a list of things that Islam has historically given the West, I agree that most Muslims don't read the Quran anymore, so we have fallen far away from civilizing the west as we once did.

1. Women's rights
2. Equality of all races - minority rights
3. Science
4. Government accountability
5. Educational advances
6. Modern Medicine

If you know your history, you will know that the renaissance in Europe was sparked by exporting Ideas for Muslim Spain to Italy. Our presence and ideas were what saved Europe from the "Dark Ages". I agree though that most Muslim countries have stagnated a little before and a lot after colonialism. Its really because we stopped following the Quran. When we did, we were the center of world civilization multiple times.

Lastly, keep your toilet paper, if you had **** dumped on you, would you wipe it off with paper, or take a shower? We wash our behinds, its much cleaner. :)
Did Vinc micman purposely tell Rani Ortan to wera black wrestle trunks so women can laugh at him!!!!!!?
everyone know black make you look small, so why vinc tell rani to wera black shorts,knowing that his pee-pee is already small!!!!!! Haha!!! vinc bad man!!!!
You seriously need a spelling lesson...jk but really watch how you spell things. Vince McMahon didn't purposely tell Randy Orton to Wear black Wrestling trunks and why do you think it makes women laugh at him? And how would you no the size of his pee pee?
Why are FAT WHITE women stereotyped as liking black men? Read below.?
Honestly, I don't think fat women are naturally attracted to black men. I do think that because of their weight, they feel less desired by other men so they have sex any man. That doesn't mean that these women want to marry these men either. I think they are just using black men for a sexual outlet. Because you could have a fat white women who has an education and is smart yet she is having sex with a black man that can't even speak proper english or didn't even finish grade school I can't imagine what woman with a brain would want anything more to do with someone like that. My guess is that these women use these men for sex but very few want anything more with them. Unless if the guy can speak well ,has a nice personality, smart, and has more to offer besides a pee-pee. Agree or diasgree?
You're generalizing again. Using black men as a sexual outlet? Do you consider them lesser and incapable of a real relationship inter-racially? Or even that a white woman doesn't just look at color in a person.
Is Fergie an Arabian woman?
and is this fergie ??

fergie from black eye pees the band.
Fergie is most definitely not arabian
My 10 month old lab is peeing in the house,help please!?
my black labrador retriever has been house trained to ring a bell to go outside to the bathroom when he was about 2-4months old.

My dog now stops ringing the bell,and so we dont know when he needs to go anymore. The past couple of days hes had accidents in the house like two times. His punishment is to be told with a ferm no and in the cage so he wont pee again.

I need him to understand to ring the bell to go potty outside...
the directions in the dog training book say to hide a treat behind the doorknob and then say get it,get the bell. When the dog rings the bell with his nose or paw you give him a treat and say good bell good. my dog doesnt seem to understand it anymore.

( this woman taught him this trick and thats how we got him,but now he doesnt seem to understand.)

please, are there any tips on how i can get my dog to ring the bell to go potty outside,my mother is ready to give him away and that cant happen..that was my favorite christmas present(:
Honestly, if I were you I would just start over. Most dogs just simply go to the door to show they want out. Watch you dog and if he is near the door let him out. When he is out and goes outside you need to praise him and give him treats so he knows he has done right.He is still a puppy and still needs traing. You should be letting him out after every meal, after play time, at least every 1/2 hour to a hour until he gets this down. At that age he should be gettin at least 2 long walks a day and lots of play time. Somewhere along the way it sounds like you had a breakdown in training. Either that or he is intentionally acting out because he is not getting what he needs which is exercise and time. Start over and get him trained like most other dogs and that takes time and repetition, make sure he is getting enough exercise as well.

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